CRABS System

The CRABS V2 System is designed to be extremely modular, versatile and scalable placard/chest rig system that is mission ready and adaptable to address the modern war fighters load carriage requirements. The CRABS V2 system works seamlessly together with the ammo/EO & admin inserts suite, which offers nearly endless configurations, allowing multiple setups depending on mission requirements.

The CRABS V2 Base Panel placard is the bones of the system. It features internal soft loop Velcro to insert 5.56mm x 3, 7.62 x 2 w/pistol or 9mm x 4 elastic magazine inserts. The front features loop Velcro to attach the optional Pocket Panels allowing you to tier up or down, and stow mission essential items where you want them based on your individual requirements or small unit SOPs. 

Its small profile is perfect for CQB, MFF and other insertion methods/roles but allows the user to rapidly scale up to suit the mission. Using an industry-standard buckle system, the CRABS V2 System can be utilised as a placard attached to most armour carrier systems, simply remove the side clips and secure to the plate carrier via the hook velcro. 

If being worn as a standalone chest rig, it can be combined with one of our CHICOM harness and back strap options. The Velcro sandwich at the rear allows seamless integration for our range of ASAD velcro-in sub load pouches to boost carrying capacity if required. 

Main features

  • Ultimate scalability and modularity 
  • Can be used as a placard or chest rig system
  • Multiple ammunition nature carriage options including, 5.56mm, 9mm and 7.62mm
  • Small profile for MFF, CQB, Low vis ops or in vehicles 
  • Seamless integration with other OEM/In-service armour carrier systems
  • Works with the ASAD range of Velcro in sub load pouches
    to carry additional ammo, med supplies, bangs/40mm etc. 
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