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The GOBAG is a design that has been developed in conjunction with Platypus Outdoors to meet the requirements of the ‘Industrial Athlete’ it has been designed to support the ongoing career conditioning requirements of those that need to be always prepared.

From Nigel Hill (the GOBAG designer)

I am a professional fire-Fighter, I originally started using sandbags as a result of an injury sustained on the fire ground, and the injury to my wrist required a long rehab. The traditional weights such as Olympic bars and kettlebells put too much impact on my wrist and therefore meant I was unable to use them to build the fitness I required to get back to full operational duties. This lead to a constant search for something else that I would work the same muscle groups without the impact.  

 I originally made a sandbag out of an old duffle bag a design I saw on Youtube and started using that, however it became obvious quickly that a less rudimentary approach was required.  I then tried a few different sandbags that after extensive use failed either in design or build; so with a pad and a pen all the things I wanted from a sandbag started to get put together and multiple trial bags, adjustments, sweat, training and material abuse came to make what is now the GOBAG!

There is nothing new about sandbag training it has been around for thousands of years and been the staple training tool for wrestlers, strongmen and fighters for many  years, however it has only been more recently that it is started to make a resurgence due to its low impact high effect, when conditioning the body.

The GOBAG is my take on that. I had priorities when sitting down to develop this bag and they were:

  • Use the strongest materials and hardware available. Such as 1000 Denier abrasion resistant nylon a material, commonly used in military packs carrying weights of 40kg (80lbs) and upwards.
  • A streamlined design void of any sharp hardware or abrasive surfaces, which could result in tearing skin or injuring the user.
  • Filler bags that will not leak sand

After testing and trailing the GOBAG for many months I can say that it has taken the best bits of anything currently available and has gone above and beyond.

Nigel Hill

For GOBAG workouts and more click here


  • 30L Volume
  • 630mm (L) x 230mm (H) x 230 (W)
  • Empty weight 1100 grams 
  • 8 soft circular low profile handles
  • Ergonomic Mil-W-5625, Class 1a Nylon Tube Tape handles
  • Machine Washable
  • No materials are used that will deteriorate
  • Triple fold Velro® close on filler bag
  • Sewn fill level increments on filler bags
  • 2 x filler bags (1x 10kg & 1x 20kg) GOBAG will hold both for combined weight of 30kg
  • Double Bar tacks, box and cross stitching on all major stress points
  • 1000 Denier abrasion tactical nylon
  • YKK 10 gauge zip

Intended Uses:

  • Police
  • Law Enforcement
  • Militarry
  • Fitness
  • Personal

Filler bag fill lines:


First line 5kg

Second 10kg


First line 10kg

Second line 20kg

Industrial Athlete focus:

Since using and trialing the GOBAG we have found it to be an amazing conditioning tool for the rigors of the real world.

The GOBAG is unstable difficult to lift and constantly moving its load requiring constant stability by the lifter, it can do all the normal lifts an Olympic bar can along with runs, carries, get-ups. It also is quick to learn the multitude of exercises that can be done with it. It gives you the chance to get good quality training completed anywhere quickly and effectively.

The GOBAG can be used anywhere, carried overseas, filled with sand straight of the beach and doesn’t have the bulk of other gym equipment when travelling.

The GOBAG has a real world approach to training which is perfect for the Military, Police, Paramedics and Fire Fighters. My GOBAG goes everywhere with me, whether it’s on holiday or at the fire station, I can grab it and get a solid workout.

The GOBAG is a great supplement to strength training as well as being able to be used to promote loaded cardio and conditioning fitness. The filler bags are easy to remove and can be used on their own to create circuits; such as, running with the 10kg filler bag and then doing lifts with the 20kg sandbag.

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