At Platatac we make many challenge coins for various customers. We have some dedicated infrastructure and a team of designers on board that will help you make your needs a reality. We offer many shapes, sizes, colours and metals to allow you to curate the perfect coin. We offer 3D metal moulds, enamel fillings and epoxy coating as options for our coin production.



Minimum order quantities apply

File we accept (in order from most useful to least useful):

-          . Ai

-          . Svg

-          . Pdf

-          . Png

-          . Jpeg

Files we do not accept:

-          Anything with gradients

-          Low resolution files (below 300 dpi)

-          Photos

-          Word Documents

-          Power Point Presentations

-          Merchandise mock ups

-          Any designs with more than 8 colours present

Please keep in mind that the lower quality the files, the lower quality the outcome.

If you are not sure if the artwork is suitable contact us and we can inform you if there are any complications.

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